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…and then I walk in singing


Peanut butter is delicious

-Katherine’s war cry

I have two hands and three dicks… I need a hand.


I like the idea of an incestuous, gay relationship between two brothers.

-Matt, out of context, but then again how can this be IN context?

You really need to crush her spirit, the way a pimp would.

-Justinius, telling Cora how to make friends

Like fucking a newborn

-Tyler, on the mechanics of Bugbear/Halfling interracial relationships

Like a Newborn, Touched for the Very First Time

-Justinius’ new platinum hit

So, how many of his dicks are you going to fuck?

-Mike, establishing game parameters

Cora has learned how to lineup all three of her orifices, so they can all be used at once

-Katherine, on Bugbear sex

Raped and held; it was a great day…

-Bigby on Amazonians, hangovers, and Paladins

Mike is even bad at masturbating

-I hate Matt so much…

I want more murder holes in that entryway!

-Matt, to his underlings

When you have a Frogdor, every problem looks like a nail

-Cyrus, on storming a keep

You are now grappling Mary, the hill giant

-Mike, on Bigby’s foreplay

Well, they WILL be nasty moonkeys

-Matt, on dire apes

Dude, I can just cast harm on his balls

-Cyrus on performing a gelding

So, blasphemy is really bad

-Mike, explaining Cyrus’ new spell

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