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Alphabetized by name most commonly used in-game. For example, Imranul Montagu is alphabetized based on “Montagu,” Lancel Grainway is alphabetized based on “Lancel,” and Vortimere Grainway is alphabetized based on his nickname, “Slayer.”

NOTE: I included guild members I viewed as important in this list, mainly the guild leaders and anybody else the PCs had extensive contact with. However, most guild members will be on the guild roll file I am keeping separately (link forthcoming).

See also: Throw-away Characters, Nameless Peerage, (forthcoming) Guild Rolls

Name Description
Lord Bernard Almours Lesser lord in Poisson
Ashara The most powerful and beautiful of the Six Sweet Sorcerii Sisters; a bellydancer with jingle-jangle coins around her hips to amuse and confound Bigby whenever he’s getting out of hand
Bafford, Abigail A druid around the time of the Mad Dragon Holocaust; was accused of witchcraft and later married Van Vernold, with whom she helped built Northrock into a prominent power
Baron Fendrel Bafford Baron of Bremer
Lord Banderon Merchant lord and slaver in East Rim; his men captured Orval Mermont and put him on a ship full of slaves bound for Thenes
Baron Bertram Bardol Baron in West Rim
Belgeon Ironhouse Most powerful grandfather in the Buccaneer’s Congregation; most of his boys are dwarves as well
Gobert Berengar Constable of East Rim
Gunther Botulf Constable of West Rim
Bishop Elmo Stonebrook devout of Indra, leads church of East Rim
Baron Faran Devereux Baron of Latterton
Albert Druel Chamberlain of West Rim
Engalor Self-styled “Legendary Rogue” who was second-in-command in Forty Thieves until Montagu and LUG lured him into a trap
Ezra Cardon His Holiness, devout of Indra, high priest of the Order of Storms; an albino man known for holding impromptu, open-air sermons during vicious of thunderstorms
Althalos Fendren Proprietor of The Dusty Dryad in West Rim; rumored to have connections to the Redridge Gentlemen, but keeps bar neutral when it comes to guild affairs; was original contact for LUG, and gave them most of their jobs before they joined the Forty Thieves
The Grim Raper Soul-less orc that does Mildred Rawlin’s dirty work; has teeth filed to points, fights with a giant scythe, and has earned his name; some think he’s more beast than person
Jethro Darkmagic Evil, crazy, horrible, despicable; Engalor’s former master who joined the demon Molach Bal and turned on his friends
Lancel Grainway Sorceror in Forty Thieves with troubled childhood; closest and only friend is his brother, Vortimere (Slayer)
Reed Karzen A charismatic rogue who came to Nameless with Zandus Fire-Soul and his cult; is supposed to prepare the region for the coming of Sar’Thanak; eventually surrenders to LUG in return for protection
Lord Delmas Liernan [Deceased] Lesser lord in Poisson, murdered by LUG as part of their deal with Koral Liernan to eliminate all males carrying the name Liernan
Koral Liernan Formerly the famous wizard Koral Garsille, married into Liernan family and later became a lich
Count Batsuen Lowell Count of East Rim
Baroness Selova Lowell Baroness in East Rim; Batsuen’s eldest daughter, she sees to the family land since her father is occupied as the Count
Baron Droyn Malgerius Baron of Palervale
Baron Charle Manfred Baron in West Rim; rumored to have connections with Redridge Gentlemen
Lord Orval Mermont Rambunctious lordling from Dragon Isle that fled to Nameless to make a name for himself (ironic, huh?) and got into trouble when LUG took over the pirate boat he had commissioned
Montagu, Imranul Former guildmaster of the Forty Thieves
Count Aubri Ostryd Count of West Rim
Baron Azemar Percivale Baron in West Rim
Baroness Mildred Rawlin Baroness in East Rim, one of the largest land owners in all of South Rim because she claims Haven Forest
Admiral Rian Crovac Leader of the Crimson Fleet
Lord Gregor Rolendis Lesser lord in Poisson
Roman Silverleaf [Deceased] Ariel’s character, abandoned for poonani
Marshal Champion Ronar Whiterain A legendary paladin who currently leads the Jade Fist Company
Sar’Thanak [Deceased] Red dragon previously inhabiting Skypost East, was tricked by LUG into suicide attack on dwarves of Dusaro
Silban Galandel [Deceased] Previously a lieutenant in the Forty Thieves, plotted with Engalor against Montagu and LUG because he disapproved of their preferential treatment and Montagu’s methods; Killed by Belle and Darla
Sionaas Wizard who started building a tower and extensive dungeon complex in Poisson; after the Bafford Jewels were discovered, he stopped building the dungeon but still moved into the tower
(Slayer) Vortimere Grainway Previously the top fighter in Forty Thieves; closest and only friend is his brother, Lancel
Fuller Sedgwick Chamberlain of East Rim
Baron Wilmot Seelu Baron of Amberway
Bishop Solomon Windmere devout of Indra, leads church of Northrock
Stanilde Hillard Bailiff of West Rim
Count Gersham Vernold Count of Northrock, a more traditionally feudal region on the north side of the island; as such, he serves as lord, constable, and chamberlain
Van Vernold Original patriarch of Vernold family; immigrant from Sol Povos who married into Bafford family and used his cunning to raise Northrock to power; central to the legend of the Bafford Family Jewels; married Abigail Bafford, a druid
Waleron Proprietor of The Guilty Bard in West Rim; accomplished scholar and purveyor of information that wants to remain neutral
Walter D’Gray Grandfather in the Buccaneer’s Congregation
William Marrowind Grandfather in the Buccaneer’s Congregation
Oger Wurth Bailiff of East Rim
Xactzitar Mindflayer leading the force of Grimlocks inhabiting Skypost Town
Zandus, Fire Soul [Deceased] Powerful priest of Jinn, was Sar’Thanak’s cohort; killed storming Dusaro with his master


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